TORITSE.Apparently I taste good. Manchester, 20.

Anonymous asked: Out of respect for your man ima stay anon. Don't know exactly what it is about you but I get the impression you're an amazing and interesting person and all due respect, but you're also extremely hot.. ✌️

Lol thanks 😘😘

Anonymous asked: I want you to actually sit on my face



Idie Okonkwo-Oya

She is a 13-14 year old Nigerian mutant with the power of Thermo-Kinesis. She manifested her powers after mutant messiah Hope Summers returned from the future. She is one of five “lights” which signify the mutant race is not dieing. After being rescued by Storm she joined the X-men. She accompanied Hope on a few missions and found a kindred spirit with the X-man Wolverine. During schism she kills twelve people to save her teammates from certain death which results in a debate and argument between Wolverine and Scott effectively tearing the x-men into two separate teams. After schism her willingness to kill again and perceiving herself as a monster causes her to be sent away with Wolverine to the Jean Grey School.

While at the school a future vision shows her as part of the X-men in a relationship with Quentin Quire/Kid Omega.

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Anonymous asked: do your parents know you smoke ?

And that’s of advantage to you in what way?

Anonymous asked: Then did you work out to get your tummy cos your body is banging & I want it 😩

Lol thanks and no, I’ve never worked out.

Anonymous asked: But smoking cigarettes can cause cancer

Umm I’m pretty sure I know that